Algarve Smooth Jazz Festival 2018: Jeff Lorber Fusion

Next were the legendary Jeff Lorber Fusion, led by keyboardist Jeff Lorber, plus Jimmy Haslip on bass, Steve Hass on drums and Andy Snitzer on sax, who came just off the Paul Simon tour and was able to join the band again. The band was tight as hell and went through several tracks from their Grammy winning Prototype album, providing ample solo space for all members. It was a joy to see these master musicians deliver this complex yet ultra-groovy music, with the whole band morphing into a cohesive jazz-funk machine, lifting the music to another level. They finished their great show with "Tune 88", opened by a soulful gospel intro on keys, before the familiar melody kicked in. This show was a true highlight of the festival for me.

Algarve2018_Jeff Lorber.jpg  Algarve2018_Andy Snitzer.jpg  Algarve2018_Jimmy Haslip.jpg  Algarve2018_Steve Hass.jpg