Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2019: Mezzoforte

Next were the legendary Islandic band Mezzoforte which was founded in 1977 and still is going strong, the lineup consisted of founding members Eybor Gunnarsson on keyboards, Johann Asmundsson on bass, Gulli Briem on drums and Fridrik Karlsson on guitar, plus Jonas Wall on saxophone and Ari Bragi Karason on trumpet. The band was super tight going through their catalog of funky songs like "Midnight Sun", "Action Man" and "Spring Fever", with each member of the band contributing lots of solos, especially the horn section stood out with impeccable playing and great solos. Despite the fact that they have been on the scene for such a long time, they were playing with a lot of joy and energy. They wrapped it up with their biggest hit "Garden Party" and came for an encore, giving us "Rollercoaster", ending a great show.