August 10, 2009

Catalina Bound: Drew Davidsen To Play at Famous Jazz Trax Festival

l_34e37f0cdcc146a5aaa76d4c9269a57a.jpgDrew Davidsen, jazz guitarist who recently burst onto the contemporary jazz scene on the east coast, is now expanding his horizons and joining the jazz scene on the west coast. Invited by none other than Art Good to grace the stage at the Catalina Jazz Trax Festival, it's a great opportunity for Davidsen to showcase his both his raw talent and his passion for music.

Davidsen's band will include his regular saxophonist Dave Krug, who in his 22 years has already evolved into an outstanding player, along with the dynamic Jesse Powers, bass player, and well-established players Bill Steinway on keyboard and Moyes Lucas on drums. During the Catalina show, Davidsen will focus on his latest CD, Around (Again), which features his hit single, ďAstro.Ē Astro has been receiving a good amount of airplay and has climbed the XM Radio Watercolors Channel 71 chart to #4.

Although Davidsenís musical career spans over a number of years, heís a relative newcomer as a smooth jazz musician. Yet in the span of just two years, heís already got two top-notch CDís under his belt with more music floating around in his head for a third CD.

A Balimore native,Davidsen followed an interesting path to the music he loves to play these days. His father had a passion for music as well as science, and eventually chose science for himself, but cultivated a love of music in his son by taking him to concerts featuring artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Joe Pass and Ray Charles. His dadís love of science led him to becoming an astrophysicist, instrumental in discovering technology that was used in the Hubble telescope. Hence, Davidsen chose the name ĎAstroí for this irresistible high energy tune that serves as a tribute to the talent of his late father.

Both Around (Again) and Davidsenís first CD, entitled Journey, contain a number of tracks that could easily be hit singles. Already a master composer, Davidsenís talent in putting together memorable tunes is truly amazing and something fans of this genre wonít want to miss.

If youíre already on Catalina Island, come on over to hear Davidsen on Sunday, October 18th, at 7 PM, immediately preceding George Duke. If youíre not able to attend this impressive festival this weekend and youíre stuck on mainland USA or elsewhere in the world, you you can still enjoy Davidsenís music. Simply visit to hear some clips and then order some of his music for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

Happy Jazzin'

Beverly J. Packard
Reading, Pennsylvania
Jazz circle Member of the Berks Arts Council

Posted by Beverly J. Packard at August 10, 2009 5:37 PM